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For The Record

The NIST Report used thermal conductivity in its modeling of the response of the structural steel to fire. I’ve produced the actual citations. The thermal conductivity settings were set to begin with 47 and progressed down as the conductivity slowed due to the steel heating. I’ve also demonstrated how Kevin Ryan deceptively quoted from the […]

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So What’s The Deal with Derek Johnson?

Little known or cared-about fact: I’ll be in the Atlanta area over the weekend of September 11th for personal matters, and so when I saw an AE911Truth event happening in the Atlanta area that weekend, I was surprised and intrigued. Alas, it is not one Richard Gage is presenting. Instead it’s some Derek Johnson guy. Bummer. Still, […]

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Hey, AdamT?

Don’t you think it’s time to correct your blog post stating I was making false and misleading statements when it turned out to be Kevin Ryan?

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Dave Thomas and Richard Gage Coast to Coast

Ah, gee, I knew I was forgetting something last night. Dave Thomas of New Mexicans for Science and Research debated Richard Gage on Coast to Coast last night. I’d gone to an ARCE event last night, my first one, and got home and watched some Dexter. I just totally spaced on it. The folks at […]

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AE911Truth 2007 Form 990-EZ

Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth (Employer ID Number 26-1532493) does not display its Forms 990 that it must file each year with the IRS. This is a sad omission on their part, but non-profits do and non-profits don’t. The copy of its 2007 Form 990-EZ I have obtained was found at Guidestar, which I […]

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Thermal Conductivity In NIST Twin Towers Modeling

I was a little rushed today, so I didn’t get to search the entire NIST NCSTAR 1-5G report for thermal conductivity. Now that I’m home again, I sat down, searched the rest of the document and found a chart on page 274 (pdf 318) showing the thermal conductivity of the materials used in NIST’s model […]

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Sigh. Le sigh. Le whatever.

Sadly, AdamT has decided to try to “debunk” me again. Unfortunately for him and his readers, it’s more a demonstration of how AdamT can’t read. If NIST’s WTC report included information on a concrete slab’s thermal conductivity (something AdamT acknowledges to be true), then I find it highly unlikely that thermal conductivity of steel wasn’t […]

August 17, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · One Comment
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Building What?

A new website “sponsored in part by AE911Truth” appears to be under construction at It will eventually be raising money for a television campaign, which I suppose will be centered on informing people (badly) about WTC 7.  The donation button takes you to a “shared” donation page, which seems to mean that AE911Truth will […]

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Wick The Heat Away

The belief that the steel structures of the WTC buildings could “wick the heat away” from fires within them is a real thing in the world. Structural steel is thought to be such an uncanny conductor of heat energy that any fires isolated in one part of a large building would never overwhelm the building. […]

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New Page: FEMA Steel

Continuing on, the arguments about a piece of WTC 7 steel examined by FEMA but not used by NIST are examined. The arguments that this is evidence of thermite arson are found to be wanting.

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