Richard Gage’s salary in 2009 from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. That’s according to the 2009 Form 990-EZ available right now at Guidestar.org, an online organization that helps track non-profits.

The total revenue for 2009 – $344,570. Salaries for Gage and others topped out at $107,417. That means salaries constitute 31% of AE911Truth’s expenses.

In other words, Richard Gage’s salary is 21% of all revenue received by AE911Truth in 2009.

I’ll post a more detailed analysis of this (and the 2008 Form 990-EZ) later.

ETA: My detailed look at the 2007 Form 990-EZ for AE911Truth is available at the link.

November 9, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 9 Comments
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  1. Triforcharity - November 10, 2010

    Hey Bolo,

    There is a thread at the JREF about Gage’s cash cow that you may find interesting.

    There is some info there that might be of interest to you about The Agape Foundation.


  2. Joseph Nobles - November 10, 2010

    Thanks, Triforcharity and Orphia! I do haunt the JREF to pick up information, and there’s great posts that I glean from quite a bit. I’d seen that Agape connection before, and thanks for reminding me of it. It could be that they were sidelining donations, but they could also just have been using the Agape collection system and we are seeing all the donations in the 990. Time will tell, and the real numbers will be this year’s 990. I’m also interested in finding out if Gage’s speaking fees are funneled through the group (nothing wrong with it, just good to know) or if they are on top of his AE911Truth salary.

  3. Orphia Nay - November 10, 2010

    Very interesting! Good work as usual.

    I tried to contact you at the JREF Forum, but it seems it’s not possible. I have some information you might be interested in. So does Triforcharity. Send me an email if you like.

  4. teezee - November 10, 2010

    It seems to me that if 100% of AE911Truth revenues are brought in by Gage + others then why shouldn’t they be paid for it?

  5. Joseph Nobles - November 10, 2010

    teezee: You shall not muzzle the ox as it treads out the grain, I agree. It’s fine for Gage to make a living! But if he does so spreading ignorance and false information in the guise of truth, well, why shouldn’t I tell people about how he’s making his living?

  6. Oystein - November 11, 2010

    To ease anyones search for sources:
    http://www2.guidestar.org/organizations/26-1532493/architects-engineers-9-11-truth.aspx (You have to register for free)
    Dwain Deets is listed as secretary :D

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  8. MikeR - November 23, 2010

    5)”if he does so spreading ignorance and false information in the guise of truth”

    Your logical fallacy is glaringly obvious.

    Richard Gage’s information is all accurate and provable, just as you’d expect from a dedicated professional. Only a fully-qualified architect would truly appreciate Mr Gage’s total integrity.

    Trust me, I’m also an architect.

    Your ghost-writer here is a troll…

  9. Joseph Nobles - November 24, 2010

    There is no ghost writer here. It’s all me.