AE911Truth Posts A “Correction”

The Tom Sullivan episode has been quite embarrassing for AE911Truth. They have been forced to release a long walk-back of a lot of speculation they used the former CDI photographer and two-month powder carrier to confirm.

It’s always worthwhile to point out their standard lines whenever their shoddy arguments are even seen by them to be worthless. They never, ever mean to imply an actual hypothesis for how these demolitions were carried out. These problems with their arguments are “why we need a real investigation.” Their opponents always focus on these little details and not their strongest evidence or their overall argument.

That’s simply not true. Thermite IS a major part of their argument. It allows their presenters to waffle on the extremely loud sounds standard explosives require, while not ever providing a workable, testable hypothesis for actual demolition. When debunkers show their claims about thermite delivery devices to be bunk, this is not a clarion call for a new investigation. It’s a sign that AE911Truth needs to remove their heads from their posteriors.

Furthermore, debunkers have dealt with their other arguments. I’ll get more into detail when I’m sitting in front of a full-sized keyboard, but take some time to explore the links on the left. For now, I’m getting back to the vacation part of my vacation.

July 10, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · Comments Closed
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