Harley Guy Identified, Full Interview Now Available

One of AE911Truth’s key talking points is a suggestion that the official story was inserted into the media with the use of people like this person. He’s called the Harley Guy because of his T-shirt, and his very vivid and precise way of describing the attack is seen as suspicious. However, only a short clip of this interview has ever been displayed by AE911Truth or other 9/11 Truth advocates.

Now the full interview is available, and Harley Guy is identified as Matt Walsh, a “freelancer for Fox.” So this is a person who has thought very carefully about how to describe the event he just witnessed because he works in the video news business and knows what is expected. His interview sounds like a sound bite because he works with sound bites all the time. There is nothing remotely suspicious about this, and suggestions that Mr. Walsh is a government plant dishing out the official story to fool the world are ludicrous.

ETA: A quick note – Mr. Walsh is used in the AE911Truth presentation. He’s part of the first 911Mysteries clip. As I recall, he’s also been used in other AE911Truth short videos, and that recently, like at the National Press Club vanity mock debate. I’ll check into it.

November 30, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. Concerned - December 1, 2010

    Have you tried using google to find Matt Walsh? As a freelancer for Fox, you might expect a little more info/articles by this guy.

  2. Joseph Nobles - December 2, 2010

    I am not a freelancer for Fox. Actually, I don’t expect a freelancer to get a lot of credit for his work.