For The Record

The NIST Report used thermal conductivity in its modeling of the response of the structural steel to fire. I’ve produced the actual citations. The thermal conductivity settings were set to begin with 47 and progressed down as the conductivity slowed due to the steel heating. I’ve also demonstrated how Kevin Ryan deceptively quoted from the wrong chapter of the NIST report (a chapter that directed people to the correct place for the information they sought). People interested in the truth will check my citations (seen below) against the actual report. People interested in believing what they wish will consult Kevin Ryan for their cookie and their pat on the head.

Also, my original post on Sample 1 said that it could not be determined “where in the building” the sample had come from, not that it could not be determined if the sample came from WTC 7 at all. People who believe they have corrected me on this matter are sadly mistaken.

Goodbye, AdamT. I abandon you to the lying lies of Kevin Ryan. When you decide to think for yourself, perhaps you will be worth the conversation.

ETA: Alas, I am the fool. My original post on Sample 1 did indeed say both. I remembered it wrong. Always check the source! My apologies for my honest mistake.

Kevin Ryan is still lying about cherrypicking the wrong chapter of the NIST report, however.

August 26, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · Comments Closed
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