Explosion on “Seven’s Exploding” Video is Not Original

Wow, what a big, loud explosion is on that video tape. Too bad it’s not original to the video.

First things first. It’s worth mentioning that the video was recorded just after the collapse of the North Tower. The location appears to be on the north side of Murray just to the west of West Broadway. The sun is shining down the street in a way it only could have that day around 10:45 a.m. Therefore, if this explosion is meant to be associated with Building 7, it is occurring 6 hours and 35 minutes before 7 actually collapses. What it has to do with knocking 7 down, I can’t understand. No one in AE911Truth will ever try to explain it in a cohesive way, because that would mean committing to a hypothesis, something AE911Truth will ever do.

However, the explosion we hear has been added to the original audio of this video. As explained by the poster gumboot at the James Randi Educational Foundation forums:

The sound is fake. It has been added. The fireman in question says “I know that, but you gotta get back, the city’s exploded.”

The people present talk over the explosion, as if it had never happened. In addition, the explosion is heard most clearly in the low frequency range and upper range. The volume levels for the explosion are well below all other sound in the area – the voices of the people peak frequently and yet the only peaking on the explosion is below 60 Hz.

The lower end could be explained by a distant explosion, however the high-volume upper end indicates close proximity to the explosion. Consumer handycams have very poor performance at the lower end of the audio range, and professional cameras are equipped with shotgun microphones designed specifically to pick up human voices.

There is no echo on the explosion – and yet it supposedly occured in a crowded city – which produces multiple echos.

I disagree slightly with gumboot’s transcript. Instead of “the city’s exploded,” I believe it’s “the city’s explodin”. However, it doesn’t change the actual intent of what the man is saying (and it certainly isn’t “Seven’s exploding” as many seem to hear).

The flinch of the person on the phone to the “explosion” is also odd. It seems to be about a second behind what you’d expect, although the rest of the audio is in sync. It’s as if there were actually some loud, but distant sound on the original audio, a sound not impressive enough for whoever added this explosion to the tape. So this more vivid explosion is added just a bit before the actual noise so as to eradicate the actual sound and any edit.

Regardless, no one on the video is acting the way you’d expect if the explosion was actually that loud, especially having just gone through the collapse of the North Tower 15 minutes earlier. Some kind of bang, I’ll grant, but not the one we currently hear on the tape.

And gumboot’s point about no echoes becomes very pertinent due to the location. The person on the phone looks down West Broadway, the direction the camera follows a second later. Looking at a map, it’s clear that this is a direction that the sound would have been heard coming from Building 7.

However, it’s also clear that for the people to look the direction they are looking, the sound would be echoing up the street. They look southeast. WTC 7 is southwest. The sound reaches them by echoing, and thus would have more echoes as the sound bounced off other surfaces to reach them. At the very least, as loud as this explosion purports to be, an echo should have been heard a split second later from Greenwich Street as the sound traveled up it and then down Murray. However, the explosive sound currently featured on the audio has no echoing in it.

This is not the first altered audio that AE911Truth relies upon in its argument. That dubious honor goes to the Oslo demolition video used by the group that edits out the clear explosions heard in other videos of the demolition. And to be fair to the group, it’s not clear exactly who added this explosive sound. It could very well have been done for artistic reasons in the documentary this video clip came from (a phenomenon that has happened before in the 9/11 debate). After all, you can hear the last note of a soundtrack right at the beginning of this clip.

But for a group that regularly derides the authoritarian nature of people who accept the Official Conspiracy Theory, blindly accepting and using a video that seems to confirmtheir own conclusions is a rather interesting choice. They really should stop using it.

September 16, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · Comments Closed
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