The bread and butter of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

One thing that AE911Truth needs is money, lots and lots of money. There are constant appeals for cash at their website and in every appearance by Richard Gage.

Sustaining donors can give the organization money every month with convenient cash withdrawals.

We now have over a dozen volunteers who give most of their working day to AE911Truth. To be truly effective, we must provide at least a reasonable stipend to these dedicated staff members. This is how all nonprofit organizations thrive and grow. Our responsibilities, time, commitment and expenses are growing dramatically with our increasing success. Our efforts and growth cannot be sustained without your help. Help us to avoid placing advertising on our website!

God forbid.

Here’s a look at the premium gifts offered for various price levels:

Citizen $10 monthly – 2008 DVD, 10 WTC Evidence, 10 Twin Towers Cards

Advocate$25 monthly – 2008 DVD, Companion DVD , 30 cards, 5 enveloped DVDs

Activist $50 monthly – Above plus Steven Jones DVD, 20 more cards, 5 more e-DVDs

Patriot $100 monthlyAbove plus Jones and Ryan DVD, 50 more cards, 10 more e-DVDs

Statesman$250 monthlyAbove plus 911Mysteries DVD, two Griffin books, 200 more cards, 30 more e-DVDs, and special requests honored

Ambassador $500 monthlyAbove plus 200 more cards, and Special Requests Honored

AE911Truth Hero$1000 monthly-  Above plus 500 more cards, 50 more e-DVDs, and SPECIAL REQUESTS HONORED

If monthly donations just aren’t your thing, then AE911Truth will accept a one-time donation as well. One way they promote this is delightfully known as Take an Architect to Lunch! (Richard Gage is an architect, right?)

  1. We offer to bring to the A/E firm our fascinating technical presentation on the “collapses” of the WTC high-rise buildings. (This ensures their presence. )
  2. We bring a good lunch and give the noon-hour presentation – sticking to the technical points.
  3. We usually get about 100% who agree with us that there are very serious questions about the official story.
  4. And we get about 90% who agree with us that the buildings were indeed brought down by controlled demolition.
  5. Of those, about 70 to 80% feel comfortable enough joining us by signing our petition “calling upon Congress for a truly independent investigation into the collapses”. (That’s all there is to joining!)
  6. This is the process we have used to attract our members — and its success is proven because the evidence itself is solid and convincing.
  7. All that is ask of you is that you buy a sandwich for an architect or engineer! We’ll do the rest! This gives you tremendous leverage to expand the 9/11 Truth Movement with those that will make the most impact — the building professionals!

Not that I think AE911Truth is lying here (although they admit to fudging the truth in the first step), but I’d like to see some corroborating figures for his 100%-90%-70% breakdown.

And finally, if you’re susceptible to woo and you’re loaded, AE911Truth is looking for a “Patron of 9/11 Truth” to start building up an endowment. Perhaps you could consider AE911Truth in your will — or “stock, real estate, vehicle donation, airline miles, in-kind, etc.” It doesn’t matter. If it’ll spend, bring it in!

And just recently the AE911Truth store expanded its product line. Now, you can stock up on “evidence cards” and the 2008 video presentation, recorded in front of a studio audience of hand-picked 9/11 truth advocates all pretending to hear the gospel for the very first time. There’s also T-shirts and brochures and bumper stickers and special spiral-bound 9/11 articles and a $110 street action banner to spread the AE911Truth word. An actual quote:

We offer these (banners) at our cost (plus shipping and handling). These will be collectors’ items some day!

So AE911Truth is expanding into the collectible market.  You know the hoodies and the special plate line from Bradford Exchange can’t be too far behind.

Let’s be honest. This is the most damning thing about Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. If there were any actual evidence that these people had, they could write articles and submit them to real peer-reviewed journals, not the pay-for-print online groups that the movement has used thus far to fake legitimacy. Instead, they continue to gather architectural and engineering professionals and friends that support some aspect of their babblings. Instead of well-established ways of validating their work and thus achieving their stated goals, they make appeal after appeal for your pocketbook.

And that is one major reason they just can’t be taken seriously.