The Biggest Mistake

Until AE911Truth stops making one major mistake, it will continue spreading its erroneous message again and again. That mistake is the assumption that by attacking the common understanding of the 9/11 attacks, it will be able to undermine the rationale for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Notice that I said “common understanding” and not “official story.” There is no single source controllable by any group of people on Earth from where we get our knowledge of what happened on 9/11. The nature of all these events were much too public, and even the event most sheltered from the public eye (the crash of United 93) was soon understood by the release of phone calls to loved ones, the information from the plane’s FDR and CVR, and the combined witness of the hundreds of people who helped clean up that terrible site.

It is a fool’s errand to attack these combined witnesses. Yet the 9/11 Truth Movement does so in its misguided attempt to resist the current Middle Eastern wars. Gage and his organization does their part, and their motivation is fairly dripping from their every presentation. Since they believe these buildings to have been controlled demolitions, and since al-Qaeda could never have set those charges, the implication of the American government’s culpability is clear. So they will continue to twist evidence, misunderstand statements, cherrypick their data, pretend a common cause with every other opponent of their chosen targets, and move the goalposts whenever it suits them and with barely any acknowledgment of having done so.

For them, the common understanding of 9/11 must be replaced by any means necessary, because it appears to them that this is the quickest way to stop the wars in the Persian Gulf and resist American imperialism. Unfortunately, by adopting such shoddy reasoning and destroying their own reputations, the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are only bringing their goals into disrepute. Any serious activist against the war or anyone wishing to see America be better than she is would do well to shun these conclusions and seek more effective arguments.