Collapse Symmetry

Symmetry means:

correspondence in size, shape, and relative position of parts on opposite sides of a dividing line or median plane or about a center or axis

There are three possible planes in which the WTC buildings could demonstrate symmetry in their collapse.

  • A plane that divides each building building into an upper half and a lower half
  • A plane that divides each building into an eastern half and a western half
  • A plane that divides each building into a northern half and a southern half

The first of these would be absurd. To “fall symmetrically” in this case means that the lower half would “fall up” in exactly the same way as the upper half fell down, and I think we’d all agree something was strange about that!

Therefore the claim of symmetry must mean one of the last two.


Did WTC 7 fall symmetrically? No.

Building 7 fell north to south as these videos demonstrate. First, a view from the east:

And then a view from the west:

That last video has the advantage of seeing most of the actual collapse between the buildings obstructing all other views.

If that was not enough, the eventual state of the debris pile shows this north-to-south direction vividly:

The northern facade drapes over the rest of the debris pile like a shroud. If the building had fallen symmetrically on a north/south plane, the remains of the northern facade would have remained on the northern half of the debris pile.

Did Building 7 fall symmetrically in the east/west plane? No. The building developed a noticeable kink in the roofline as it fell:

This is well off the center of the building. This graphic (with the south side on the bottom) shows where the kink formed:

As you can see, the kink formed right where the east penthouse ended on the roof. The building had already collapsed internally right underneath the east penthouse, allowing it to drop off into the building as well. So the eastern third of the building’s interior was already missing as the final plummet began, and the kink formed right where the internal structure of the building was still relatively intact.

Since the kink isn’t in the center of the building, there is no east/west symmetry in this collapse either.

The Twin Towers

Did either of the Twin Towers fall symmetrically? No.

The upper sections of both buildings tilt and twist as they fall. It’s impossible to make any claim of symmetry with a rotating upper section.

First, Tower 2 – the first to fall:

This single angle demonstrates the asymmetry of this collapse easily. The most obvious is the extreme tilt to the east. However, as the collapse progresses, you can see the northeast corner of the perimeter emerge from the dust before falling away finally. If the upper section were falling symmetrically on the north/south plane, the corner would have been crushed at the very beginning of the collapse. Instead, the upper section has rotated away from the northeast corner, allowing it to stand a few seconds longer.

No east/west symmetry. No north/south symmetry. WTC 2 did not fall symmetrically.

Now let’s look at WTC 1:

The north/south tilt is quite apparent in this video.

Now look at an angle from the north. Watch the antenna attached to the roof:

It falls to the east, indicating that the upper block is rotating.

So again, from direct visual evidence, none of the three WTC buildings demonstrated symmetry in their collapse. AE911Truth is using this term as loaded language. It implies an order to these events that is not there.