Total Destruction

The claims:


…4. …collapsed completely…

Twin Towers

..10. Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame

The Twin Tower characteristic includes a link to this 9-11 Research page.

The slide show also uses examples of some collapsed buildings to show less complete destruction. However, these are all much smaller buildings built with concrete reinforcement, knocked over during earthquakes.

Did Total Destruction of These Buildings Happen?

It depends on the context. The buildings were certainly unusable for human occupation after the events of 9/11. However, sections of the core columns remained intact to such an extent that people inside them survived the collapse.

Indeed, some of the most haunting images of 9/11 are remnants of the building still assembled.

  • Large sections of the Twin Tower’s core structures left behind after the main portion of the collapse (before they themselved collapsed)
  • The sections of perimeter column still standing above the rubble for several floors
  • The majority of WTC 7’s still-assembled northern facade draped over the rest of its debris pile

The buildings, therefore, were not totally totally destroyed.

Close Enough for Government Work?

There is no question that the destruction of these buildings was extreme and severe. Is it the case, then, that this could only be caused by controlled demolition?

No, as demonstrated by the work of many who have examined and investigated the collapses within their fields of expertise. The first was Zdeněk Bažant, who was able to kick off the scientific investigations into the collapses very soon after they occured. In his 2001 paper written with Yong Zhou, Why Did The World Trade Center Collapse – Simple Analysis, he demonstrated mathematically that under the best possible case for survival of the building (an instantaneous removal of one floor, allowing an non-rotating drop squarely and precisely onto the intact structure below), the building could not have redistributed the ensuing dynamic force and would have collapsed utterly.

Therefore, no matter how much the sight of the collapsing Twin Towers may trigger anyone’s personal incredulity, what we are seeing is within the realm of physical law if unaided by human assistance. Once the upper section had dropped a single floor, it would have more than enough momentum to smash through the structure below, much as it did. And since the main result of this would have been a crushing of the structure, it should be of no surprise that the structure was reduced in large part to its factory-built component pieces. The structure was designed to work as a unit in distributing loads, but individual joints would be instantaneously tested beyond their means to cope as the upper section plummeted down.