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ATM Paper Reviewer: “Perhaps Victims on Planes Alive in Tahiti”

Pat Curley over at the Screw Loose Change blog points us toward the identity of a reviewer of the “Active Thermitic Material” paper touted by the 9/11 Truth Movement and AE911Truth. It’s David L. Griscom, who revealed his identity on September 11 of this year, and as Curley shows us, he has had some interesting […]

December 3, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 2 Comments
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Building What Ads Hitting the Air

A post at Democratic Underground says that the Building What? ad just played on MSNBC. So here’s a couple of links at my site dealing with the issues raised at their site: Building What is Up! – and it looks like a lie on every page. 7 Facts about Building 7 – and how cherrypicking […]

November 2, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · One Comment
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Pat Buchanan Endorses 9/11 Truth?

Oh, I thought so for about five minutes. How did I get to Pat Buchanan’s no-longer-official website anyway? (Consults history…) Ah, yes, did a little search of the term “building what” just now. It was number three on the list. Intrigued, this humble reporter was. Clicked over, he did. Marvelled. There it was, an endorsement […]

September 5, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 2 Comments
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Explosion Right Before East Penthouse Falls?

Or wind noise? Amazingly enough, this is brought up in a story where Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars claims that NIST edited videos to leave out the east penthouse collapse! Except for this one with the “explosion” on it. Kind of weird for NIST to edit the east penthouse collapse from other videos, but then […]

September 2, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 4 Comments
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Building What is Up!

And there may be a lie on every page! Take, for example, the first page: In any other situation, the complete, free fall collapse of a 47-story skyscraper would be played over and over on the news. It would be discussed for years to come and building design codes would be completely rewritten. What are […]

September 2, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 4 Comments
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I’m So Disappointed

Fresh off of my late disappointment with AdamT choosing poorly, I have been awaiting so anxiously the revelation of the full Building What? website, due to be released today, this very day. But, alas! Here it is, 14:00 Eastern, and still no brand-new website. Sigh. Of course, I’ll be adding a Building What? section here […]

September 1, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · Comments Closed
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For The Record

The NIST Report used thermal conductivity in its modeling of the response of the structural steel to fire. I’ve produced the actual citations. The thermal conductivity settings were set to begin with 47 and progressed down as the conductivity slowed due to the steel heating. I’ve also demonstrated how Kevin Ryan deceptively quoted from the […]

August 26, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · Comments Closed
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So What’s The Deal with Derek Johnson?

Little known or cared-about fact: I’ll be in the Atlanta area over the weekend of September 11th for personal matters, and so when I saw an AE911Truth event happening in the Atlanta area that weekend, I was surprised and intrigued. Alas, it is not one Richard Gage is presenting. Instead it’s some Derek Johnson guy. Bummer. Still, […]

August 25, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · One Comment
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Hey, AdamT?

Don’t you think it’s time to correct your blog post stating I was making false and misleading statements when it turned out to be Kevin Ryan?

August 24, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · Comments Closed
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Sigh. Le sigh. Le whatever.

Sadly, AdamT has decided to try to “debunk” me again. Unfortunately for him and his readers, it’s more a demonstration of how AdamT can’t read. If NIST’s WTC report included information on a concrete slab’s thermal conductivity (something AdamT acknowledges to be true), then I find it highly unlikely that thermal conductivity of steel wasn’t […]

August 17, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · One Comment
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