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Oh, No

Thanks to Orphia Nay at JREF!

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Building What Ads Hitting the Air

A post at Democratic Underground says that the Building What? ad just played on MSNBC. So here’s a couple of links at my site dealing with the issues raised at their site: Building What is Up! – and it looks like a lie on every page. 7 Facts about Building 7 – and how cherrypicking […]

November 2, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · One Comment
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Another Quick One

The Texas State Fair is happening, and Civilization 5 keeps calling. Meanwhile, NIST updated their FAQ about the WTC 7 investigation. Here’s one of the additions: In June 2009, NIST began releasing documents in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the International Center for 9/11 Studies for “all of the photographs […]

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Explosion on “Seven’s Exploding” Video is Not Original

Wow, what a big, loud explosion is on that video tape. Too bad it’s not original to the video. First things first. It’s worth mentioning that the video was recorded just after the collapse of the North Tower. The location appears to be on the north side of Murray just to the west of West […]

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7 Facts About AE911Truth and Building 7

Adapted from Building What?’s 7 facts… 1) If nano-thermite caused Building 7 to collapse, it would be the first ever and only nano-thermite-induced demolition of a steel-frame high-rise. 2) Building 7’s collapse was extensively examined in the NIST NCSTAR 1A final report. 3) Most people don’t know about WTC 7 because coverage went largely to […]

September 7, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 3 Comments
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Iron, Sulfur, Oxygen

“Corrosion is the disintegration of an engineered material into its constituent atoms due to chemical reactions with its surroundings.” Iron, sulfur, and oxygen are the primary ingredients of the eutectic corroding Sample 1. Gypsum wallboard, when burned, produces sulfur dioxide. Structural steel is mostly iron. Iron, sulfur, oxygen.

September 6, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 2 Comments
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Explosion Right Before East Penthouse Falls?

Or wind noise? Amazingly enough, this is brought up in a story where Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars claims that NIST edited videos to leave out the east penthouse collapse! Except for this one with the “explosion” on it. Kind of weird for NIST to edit the east penthouse collapse from other videos, but then […]

September 2, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 4 Comments
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Building What is Up!

And there may be a lie on every page! Take, for example, the first page: In any other situation, the complete, free fall collapse of a 47-story skyscraper would be played over and over on the news. It would be discussed for years to come and building design codes would be completely rewritten. What are […]

September 2, 2010 · Joseph Nobles · 4 Comments
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I’m So Disappointed

Fresh off of my late disappointment with AdamT choosing poorly, I have been awaiting so anxiously the revelation of the full Building What? website, due to be released today, this very day. But, alas! Here it is, 14:00 Eastern, and still no brand-new website. Sigh. Of course, I’ll be adding a Building What? section here […]

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Wick The Heat Away

The belief that the steel structures of the WTC buildings could “wick the heat away” from fires within them is a real thing in the world. Structural steel is thought to be such an uncanny conductor of heat energy that any fires isolated in one part of a large building would never overwhelm the building. […]

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