Architect Magazine: Architects Shy From Truther 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

From Architect Magazine, this recent article on the distance the American Institute of Architects wisely puts between Richard Gage and AE911Truth: What is more interesting than these bizarre and debunked conspiracy theories is the way that Gage places his AIA membership front and center in his presentations. He seems to be attempting to cloak his […]

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Richard Gage’s salary in 2009 from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. That’s according to the 2009 Form 990-EZ available right now at, an online organization that helps track non-profits. The total revenue for 2009 – $344,570. Salaries for Gage and others topped out at $107,417. That means salaries constitute 31% of AE911Truth’s expenses. […]

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Dave Thomas and Richard Gage Coast to Coast

Ah, gee, I knew I was forgetting something last night. Dave Thomas of New Mexicans for Science and Research debated Richard Gage on Coast to Coast last night. I’d gone to an ARCE event last night, my first one, and got home and watched some Dexter. I just totally spaced on it. The folks at […]

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AE911Truth 2007 Form 990-EZ

Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth (Employer ID Number 26-1532493) does not display its Forms 990 that it must file each year with the IRS. This is a sad omission on their part, but non-profits do and non-profits don’t. The copy of its 2007 Form 990-EZ I have obtained was found at Guidestar, which I […]

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