Changing List

The key to the AE911Truth presentation is a list of “all” characteristics of controlled demolition. Any presenter for the group gives this list first and then compares features of the WTC collapses to the list. As the talk progresses, the presenter checks each off and thus appears to demonstrate that the WTC collapses had to be controlled demolitions.

However, the group possesses no credible authority for presenting such a list. The founder, Richard Gage, is an architect by training, not a demolition expert. Since it’s evident that the group has simply drawn the list up based on things they think they observe in the collapses, the list is actually an example of the Texas Sharpshooter fallacy.

For example, AE911Truth changes the list based on whether they believe they can demonstrate the characteristic. This was done recently when Gage admitted that he could not prove the existence of “squibs” in the collapse of 7 World Trade. Instead of recognizing the weakness of his argument, he simply changed the list for 7 World Trade to eliminate the “squibs” feature.

Indeed, the current version of the presentation slideshow first gives a list of CD characteristics, then changes it slightly for 7 World Trade, and then changes it even more substantially for the Towers. AE911Truth cannot win even when it stacks the deck for itself!