Missing Pancakes

Any AE911Truth presenter makes a great deal out of looking for pancaked floors from the Towers. There should be 110 stories packed together somewhere in the Pile, but where are they? The group doesn’t have a clue.

Amazingly enough, they actually publishes a picture of some of them. Here is slide 132 from the current two-hour presentation:

The group calls them “meteorites”, and actually believes they are huge chunks of molten iron. They could not be aluminum from the airplane, the group triumphantly exclaims, because aluminum does not rust (referring to the idea that the molten metal under the pile is actually aluminum). It’s true that aluminum doesn’t rust, but iron doesn’t rust in the distinct horizontal bands you see in the picture on the right, either. His picture clearly shows about four layers of rust divided by a concrete-like substance. It is concrete, as well as all the other contents of the office floors, all compressed together.

Wondering aloud about where the pancakes were in the Pile is a question worth asking. It’s one that actually has an answer. AE911Truth publishing pictures of them while doing so is a special brand of mistake.