No Expertise

Wouldn’t it be nice if Richard Gage and his fellow architects would admit that they simply aren’t speaking inside their field of expertise when they approach the subject of controlled demolition?

Oh, that’s right. They have.

Screenshot of

However, if you go to where this page was located before, you’ll see that this “Info Item” has been substantially rewritten. As you can see, the date remains the same:

But now the good folks at AE911Truth are covering up their lack of expertise in this matter. Before, this body of evidence, “(i.e. controlled demolition),” was outside their field of expertise. Now they tell us that this now-unidentified body of evidence was “unprecedented.” Now they tell us that they “can play a very significant role as building professionals because we have the necessary technical credibility that Congress will respond to.” In short, their appeal to their own authority is complete, having erased their own admission of having no authority.

Read the original version again. When referring to the “shock” that they felt in the second paragraph, the Editor uses the phrase, “In addition…” In other words, we aren’t experts in the field of controlled demolition, and in addition, we were shocked and awed by the attack.

The second version has only the “shock and awe” keeping these architects and engineers from using their expertise to evaluate the fall of the buildings.

I’m astounded by the lack of shame needed to just change an Internet page with no indication of the previous content, especially when part of your argument tries to show that government officials lied.

Before this, I said that watching Gage establish his credentials when he knows he isn’t qualified to speak on the subject becomes one of the best comedy acts around. Especially when controlled demolition experts have spoken on the subject and concluded that this was most certainly a collapse unassisted by human hands except for those that crashed airplanes into the Towers.

But now the comedy act gets even better. Now, even a simple admission of the truth is too embarrassing and must be thrown down the memory hole. I await the inevitable claim that I’m the one who has forged the early screenshot of their website, even though this has been here for over a year now.