Oslo Demolition

From the first slide show on, a video of the Philips building demolition in Oslo, Norway has been a prominent part of the AE911Truth slide show presentation:

This building has perhaps been selected for its similar shape to 7 World Trade, though Building 7 was 47 stories high and the Oslo building was only 15. This camera angle is also similar to one of the more recognized videos of Building 7 falling:

Obviously AE911Truth is inviting comparison between the Philips building demolition and the collapse of 7 World Trade. But there’s a peculiar thing about its Philips building video. The audio on the video is unlike any other recording of this demolition available on YouTube.

Hear for yourself. The current location of this video on the AE911Truth website is Slide 29. Go there and listen to the audio a couple of times.

Now here are four other videos of the same collapse with audio intact.

In every one of the YouTube videos, the sounds of the explosives can be clearly heard before the sound of the collapsing building. The last one is quite long (detailing the prep work for controlled demolitions), but right at the end the building goes down — and this cameraperson is so far back, only the sound of the explosives are heard!

The sounds of explosives are missing from the AE911Truth video.

This is something that has been brought to AE911Truth’s attention before. This website and many others continued to hold this out as an example of AE911Truth using tampered audio to deceive their audiences. Finally, it began using only the video with the audio removed. Now, as you can hear with your own ears, the audio without explosives has once again begun accompanying the AE911Truth video.

This is not good for AE911Truth’s reputation any way you look at it. At worst, this is outright fraud discovered, abandoned, and then returned to when the group thought no one was looking. At best, the group appears to have discovered and used the muddiest possible audio recording of this demolition possible. But this is not dreadful luck on its part. There are plenty of these videos about for its use with much better audio. So it still stands guilty of having abandoned this faulty video and returned to it, knowing its defects.

It’s in the use of this video that AE911Truth’s manipulation of its audiences becomes clear. In earlier tapes of this presentation, Richard Gage would speak as this video (and audio) looped again and again. By conditioning his audience with a faulty audio connected to an unmistakable controlled demolition, Gage was preparing his audience to hear the videos of the World Trade Center building collapses, videos which are also notable for having a lack of the sharp reports of explosives heard on the YouTube videos of the Philips building demolition. This website has no information on if any current AE911Truth speaker is using this audio in this manner, but use it they must.

And even under the best case scenario, consider this: when faced with clear evidence of this faulty audio, the group did not think to itself, “This video has no sounds of explosives which are in other Philips building videos, so the only sounds on this video are of the collapsing building. Since the WTC collapses sound a lot like this faulty video, it must be because the WTC videos only capture the sound of a collapsing building as well.” No, AE911Truth did not rethink its assumptions when showed that its evidence was faulty.

It bided its time.

So this, then, is the tenth mistake that AE911Truth continues to make: The group thinks that its watchdogs will give up and that it will be left alone to offer its wares without scrutiny. Sorry, folks. Be sure your sins will find you out.